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Letterset is a mulit-disciplinary design house in Houston, Texas. We specialize in Branding, Illustration, Implementation and Sign Painting.

We’re an ever growing ever learning
rag tag team of design professionals.

With a combined 18 years of design and marketing experience, Art Director Matthew Tabor, Lead Designer Paulina Papke, and Project Manager Leslie Slade strive to combine an in-depth understanding of our clients branding needs with the strategic implementation of thoughtful design elements and touchpoints to develop meaningful and authentic brands. We work to push beyond current trends in an effort to extend the longevity of your brand and craft a visual identity that will resonate with both you and your customer base for years to come.

We’ve been building brands for some of Houston’s finest for the past 6 years
Artboard 20.png
 and we can’t wait to talk to you 
about branding your next project



Anvil Bar and Refuge • Bernie’s Burger Bus • Better Luck Tomorrow • Blacksmith • The Blind Goat • Boomtown Coffee • Camerata at Paulies • Coral Sword • Cutthroat • Dolce Neve • Feges BBQ • FM Kitchen & Bar • Georgia James • Geva Coffee • Greenway Coffee • Grand Prize • Hay Merchant • Heights Cigar Lounge • The Heights Grocer • Houston Heights Tattoo • Inversion • Holler Brewing • Julep • Loirefest • Lush Life Productions • Midnight Cowboy • Monkey’s Tail • Morningstar Coffee and Donuts • One Fifth • OTG Management • Pastry War • Paulie’s • Penny Quarter • Pit Crew • Ricebox • Southern Smoke Foundation • Squable • Steelmill Gym • Think Tacos • Tongue Cut Sparrow  Tropicales • Two Headed Dog • UB Preserv • Underbelly Hospitality • Underbelly Burger • US Ocean • VEST Safety Medical Services • Wild Oats

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or just want to chat? We’re around. Contact us at the contact form below and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you in a day or two!

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